Hommage to Balotelli Missed Trick_20.jpg
Homage to Balotelli’s Missed Trick, figure with motor and sound, 2013

The work is a small sculpture of football player Mario Balotelli. When spectator get close to the sculpture it starts to turn around inversely and we hear stadium noise from speakers. First the crowd is exited (Balottelli is going to score, they believe), then they are confused (suddenly Balotelli choose not to score) and finally they boo him (what a disrespectful behavior). See the video here.

In this football match against the USA team L.A. Galaxy, Balotelli wastes an open opportunity to score. He runs towards the ball but when he reaches it, suddenly he gives up, decides to not to score, turns the ball in the opposite direction and slowly sends it out with his heel. He probably did not plan to do this before the match. He performs the most forbidden behavior within the mentality of contemporary ethos: he wastes an opportunity! In the context of the dominant discourse of success he is a sinner. We can say that he betrays himself or if we want to understand it positively we can also say that he overcomes himself.

The work is an homage to this elusive gesture of resistance against the demand of performance and success.

The related notions of misperformance, strike, not-participating and resistance also explored in works such as Collector’s Wish (2012)Silence Performance (2013) and Strike (2016).