Collector's Wish, painted wall, printed poem and stand, HD video, view from Pilot Art Gallery, 2012, Istanbul (Photo credit: Rıdvan Bayrakoğlu)

Collector's Wish, 2012

In Collector's Wish, I realized an artwork conceived by the well-known collector Saruhan Doğan. Here the artist only follows the instructions of the collector. He doesn't put his-self, his enthusiasm, or his "creativity" into his work. It is a play that reverses the positions within the art world, submissive to dominant and vice versa. The artist gives up his role as a "genius creator" or as a "revolutionary" and becomes the facilitator or the worker who strictly follows the instructions. But paradoxical as it may be, this strategy of not-contributing personally and offering the stage to the collector opens up a field of conflict where the artist becomes the sovereign subject by serving.


The related notions of misperformance, strike, not-participating and resistance are also explored in works such as Homage to Balotelli's Missed Trick (2013), Silence Performance (2013) and Strike (2016).

Collector's Wish, installation, HD video, 8' 41'', 2012