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1977 Born in Adapazarı living and working in İstanbul. Producing in multiple formats, the artist carries out collective projects such as Barmagazine: The Magazine That Thinks It’s a Bar (in collaboration with Eylem Akçay, Emre Tansu Keten and Taylan Kesanbilici, 2018) along with his solo exhibitions where he questions the notion of “freedom”, such as Freedom Has No Script (Iniva, London, 2014), Play Your Part and The Script Will Follow (Pilot Gallery, Istanbul, 2013). Interested in rendering visible the relationships between capitalism and contemporary art practices in his collective and individual work, Delier turns life itself into an object of study by creating absurd intersections using guerrilla tactics and strategies borrowed from everyday life. Furthering his studies with an approach that problematizes both himself and art, the artist seeks to create breathing spaces beyond existing relations of production and power, as alternatives to the dominant living culture, which is one that narrows life to the point of suffocation.


Delier had Art Proficiency degree in the Art and Design Department at Yıldız Teknik University. His writings on art and politics have been published by Koç University Press, under the title Scenarios of the Art World (2016). Currently he is working as Assistant Professor in Fine Arts Faculty, Sakarya University.



2013 Proficiency in Art, Art and Design Faculty, Combined Arts, University of Yıldız

2007 Art and Design Master Program, Combined Arts, University of Yıldız

2004 Fine Art Faculty, University of Marmara



2022 "The Small Room of History" Karşı Sanat, İstanbul

2017 “Free Society of Fools and Crooks” Pilot Gallery, İstanbul

2014 “Freedom Has No Script” Solo show at Iniva, London.

2013 “Play Your Part and The Script Will Follow” Solo Show at Pilot Gallery

2012 “Collector’s Wish” Pilot Gallery, Istanbul.

2011 “I slowly come to discover that it is more meaningful and subversive to engage in experimental          investigations on art than carrying out some self-content, easily commoditized anarchist gestures.” Solo Show, Gallery Outlet, Istanbul.

2008  “ReverseDirection” Solo Exhibition Diyarbakır Art Center, Diyarbakır


2018 “Barmagazine: The Magazine That Thinks Itself as a Bar” (in collaboration with Eylem Akçay,                    Emre Tansu Keten and Taylan Kesanbilici)

2014 “This is not a lecture”, (with Elmas Deniz, İskender Özturanlı, İnci Furni, Süreyyya Evren, Elif Demirkaya, Ezgi Bakçay) Maçka Park, İstanbul

2012-2013 Group P, (with Süreyyya Evren, İz Öztat, Dilek Winchester, Elmas Deniz, Volkan Aslan, Antonio Cosentino), Unrest of Form exhibition, Museums Quartier, Vienna.

2009 “S.T.ARGEM.” Street Collectors Research and Development Center (with Eylem Akçay and Güneş Terkol), Pist, İstanbul



2022 "Coulisse" Mixer Art Space, İstanbul.

2022 "Precaution" Arter, İstanbul.

2022 "This Place" Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Center, İstanbul

2020 “A Few in Many Places”, İstanbul.

2020 “And That Song is Our Amulet”, Galerie Wedding, Berlin.

2019 “A Doll's House” Goethe Institute Baku, Baku

2019 “HAYDİ!” Plato Sanat, İstanbul

2018 “Antarctica: An Exhibition on Alienation” Kunsthalle Wien, Wien

2018 “Mektep Meydan Galatasaray” Pera Müzesi, İstanbul

2018 “Tension and Conflict: Video Art After 2008”  MAAT, Lisbon

2016 “What are we building down there?” 7th. Bucharest Biennial

2016 “Istanbul. Passion, Joy, Fury” Maxxi, Rome

2015 “Invisible Manoeuvres” Gallery Wedding, Berlin

2015 “You, Me & Everything in Between” Spatiu  Intact, Cluj

2014 Moving Museum, Istanbul

2014 Artist Film International, Whitechappel Gallery, London

2013 “Joyful Wisdom” Rezan Has Museum, İstanbul.

2013 “Performance of Silence” Cda-Projects Grant, lecture, Cda-Projects, Istanbul

2012 “How Much Fascism?” Basis BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 2012

2012 “Art Facts” Salt, Istanbul

2011 “Details” Bergen Kunsthalle, Bergen Norway.

2010 2010 Taipei Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan

2009 “Istanbul Traversée” Palais des Beaux-arts de Lille, Lille

2008  2008 Taipei Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan

2008  “Save As…” Triannale Bovisa, Milano, Italy

2007  “Be Realist, Demand the Impossible” Karşı sanat, Istanbul

2007  “Transfer Project” Museum Bochum, Bochum Germany

2007  10. Istanbul Biennale

2005 “Free Kick” in 9. Istanbul Biennale



2014 Iniva Commisions and Exhibitions Fund

2012 Cda-Project Lecture Grant



2019 DAAD (Berliner Künstler Pragramm des DAAD) Berlin

2016 IASPIS Residency & Grant Holder, Stockholm

2014 ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program) New York

2011 Cité des Arts, Paris

2010 New Cultural Agencies Program Artists in Residence Gulsuyu/Istanbul

2010 Accented Residency Program, Beirut, Lebanon

2008  Artist in Residency  Program Art-Box, Kodra Thessaloniki Greece

2006 Transfer Poject, Muenster, NRW, Germany

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