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Zapturapt (CounterAttack), intervention, 2009

Counter-Attack: Intervention Team

Counter-Attack is an organization which designs and carries out varries interventions. When possible Counter-Attack enters into collaboration with political, economical, cultural struggles in the public sphere.

The power that will re-establish life exists in the hands which produce the life we live today. Counter-Attack emphasizes certain quality which resides within the powers of production and collaboration and which manages to escape mechanisms of control; and reveals the cracks, the hidden possibilities and contradictions in the city. In contrast with the structure of the system which refuses to acknowledge any other reality apart from its own, it performs actions which re-establish flows of energy and production on different values.

Counter-Attack smuggles the potential of the accumulation of knowledge, experience, skill and labour away from the exploitation of the rulling system and returns this potential to its source; it presents the inappropriable accumulation of skills of material and immaterial labour as a public service.

Zapturapt (CounterAttack), intervention, 2009
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