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The Artwork Risk Transfer Agreement, digital print, Hahnemuhle matt fibre paper on Dibond, 136x40cm. view from Coulisse exhibition at Mixer Arts, İstanbul, Burak Delier, 2022. Photo Credit: Nazlı Erdemirel

The Artwork Risk Transfer Agreement, 2022

The Artwork Risk Transfer Agreement (2022) attempts to reverse the art world's dominant production process. In the art world -if, an institution does not commission the work, the artist's market has not yet settled, the gallery does not or partially covers the production of the work, the artist does not have a gallery, etc.- the artist finances the work themself. In addition, they is the sole responsible and sole author of the work from beginning to end. First, the artist/hero produces the work, speaks their word; put in business terms, the artist "invests" in something, a work, a word, an object, and takes the risks of their investment. Only then, do the other actors (galleries, museums, curators, critics, audience, collector) come into play, and they reevaluate what has been already produced with material and immaterial returns. In this process, if everything goes well, the final destination of an artwork is a collection. In this power settlement; if the artist wins, they is not the only winner; on the other hand, they may be the only loser. The Artwork Risk Transfer Agreement reverses this process; there is no artwork yet, it is not clear what will happen and how it will happen; the artwork will only be produced if a subject (collector) shows up and undertakes partially or wholly the risks in the production process of the artwork. Firstly, the artwork will join a collection and the artist will transfer the risks in the emergences of an artwork, the artwork will come later. Perhaps, for the first time, the artist will produce with partial freedom and security and for the first time, there will be more than one loser of the artwork.

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