Required Skills Workshop, view from "I slowly come to discover that it is more meaningful and subversive to engage in experimental investigations on art than carrying out some self-content, easily commoditized anarchist gestures.” Solo Show, 2011, Outlet Gallery Istanbul. 

Required Skills workshop is based on the projection of a probable job application. If artists applied for a job in a company, what would be their chance of getting accepted? Departing from the type of “teammate” as contextualized by business world, this fictional question aims to interrogate the ambivalent function of art in today’s society by pointing out the parallelism between work mode in art milieu and business world. What kind of knowledge can be revealed by comparing art world and business world in terms of created subjectivities? Who is the dream “teammate” of the business world? What is his relation to the “artist”? On which points do the subjectivities created by these two worlds coincide and on which points do they differ? What do these differences and similarities tell us about the position of art in today’s society, the potential it holds, the function it fulfills as well as the changing worker-employee profile in the contemporary business world?

The Form

Application Form is designed in order to compare the cultural worker subjectivity and bussiness world subjectivity. 100 job appilications chosen arbitrary in order to find out the most and the less wanted quality within the contemporary buissness world. The most wanted quality is “Communication Skills”, and its coefficient is 0,1486. The second is “University Graduation”, and its coeffient is 0,1270.

During the workshop the artists chosen by the participants is evaluated acoording to these parameters.

Required Skills Form, A4 paper, 2011