Notes From My Mobile, installation at Iniva, London, 2014 (Photo Credit: Thierry Ball)

Notes from My Mobile, 2013

In the video we see the artist running self-critique sessions through his smartphone. The video is installed in a box with a peephole in the gallery space and the sessions are listened to with headphones, as if the audience is peeping into the artist inner world.


Self-critique, self-exposure are the motor of our lives and personalities. We are obsessed with ourselves, and mobiles with cameras have changed our relation to ourselves. This is very obvious when we think of the recent trend of “selfies” and the working mentality of the social media. The contemporary control mechanisms are based on the production and modelling of selves. Mobiles are the lake of today’s Narcissus. In  this instance, the words that I say to myself in the video are not mine. They are coming from my mouth but I am not the one speaking.. It is the dominant ethos of the self speaking. A voice that pushes, criticizes and humiliates in order to make you a decent and successful person. That is why everybody can connect to and recognize these words.


The video is placed in a box so that the viewer can peek into it. This form of installation creates an effect of intimacy. As if we are stealing a look at somebody’s inner world. However, the words are paradoxically common and recognizable to anyone. In a way, the most personal becomes the most common. This is where the power that operates through ourselves and functions insidiously.

Notes From My Mobile excerptsmartphone video, 23' 42'', 2013