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Gymnastics of Economy and Faith: Six Artistic & Six Compulsory Routines, a poster-essay project, 12 posters, each 48x68cm. view from Moving Museum Istanbul exhibition, 2014

Gymnastics of Economy and Faith, 2014

Gymnastics of Economy and Faith, mimicking motivational posters, is a poster-essay project that is finalized with a lecture and an open discussion. The posters are made to be displayed on the streets and in workplaces. The series, comprised of twelve posters referring to six compulsory six artistic routines, has been produced in an intuitive manner. The project explores the relation between the contemporary working ethos and its transcendental references. The slogans and images roughly address three domains:

1)  Economics, money, finance

2)  Beliefs, placebo effect, metaphysics

3)  Gymnastics, extreme sports, work.

The visuals and slogans are collected—and sometimes modified—from diverse sources: sports and economy magazines, jokes, folk tales, urban legends and philosophical texts.

Gynmastics of Economy and Faith: Six Compulsory Six Artistic Routines, Posters each 48x68cm, 2014
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