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Art Talks, performance, 2013. Photo credit: Michael Önder

Art Talks, 2013

Art Talks is a performance in which for 5 Turkish Liras, I am offering art talks to the passersby in the streets of Istanbul. It is addressing the devaluation of qualified work force, and in a humorous way attempts to commodify art theory and criticism.

The Menu is composed of presentations of articles and parts of my Proficiency in Art thesis. The Menu starts with “Appetizers”. Appetizers are short articles written on different occasions discussing the art market and developments in Istanbul’s art scene. “Main Courses” are parts of my Proficiency in Art thesis that are mostly theoretical and conceptual discussions on art and diverse knowledge forms. And finally, there are “Desserts” that are open discussions based on my recent works.

The performance is realized in touristic districts where most of the art institutions and galleries are located.

Art Talks, performance, 2013. Photo credits: Michael Önder
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